About Us

About Us

Quality A2 Gir Cow Milk & A2 Cow Ghee​

About Brij Farms

Our Journey

Brij Farms started on 18th October 2020. The love however for Desi cows was there way before the idea of starting milk distribution across Mumbai came into action. A core aim of this venture is to educate more people about our own Indian Cow breeds. Instil a sense of pride, respect and care for these caregivers who nurture us just like our own mothers!

Many people in our society are looking for alternatives of adulterated, cruelty-infused milk. This is the sole reason why many of us have either stopped having milk or have turned vegan completely. Our vision therefore is to provide a healthier and cruelty-free option to all consumers.

How to Order?

98 9220 8009

Providing quality milk and ghee since 2020

As the owner of Brij farm, I personally take care of the products we offer our clients and partners

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